FUEL CMS Celebrates One Month of Being Open Source

It's been one month since we released FUEL CMS on GitHub. During that time we've made 163 commits, collected 57 followers and now, have added this blog! We've also branched a 0.91 version that uses CodeIgniter 2.0, Modular Extensions - HMVC, and contains a full working demo site for you to dissect and play with.

What's Next

Here is a short list of what we are looking to accomplish in the next several months:

  1. A blog series on creating a website using FUEL
  2. Setting up a forum to facilitate questions and discussion
  3. A repository of additional modules
  4. Start work on multi-language support (let us know if you are interested in helping)

Lastly, we've had several contributions from a couple key GitHub members that we'd like to thank:

Keep those ideas and fixes coming!


Yeay!!!! Is it already one month??? It felt like being around for ever!!!!!

Well done to all of us!!!!

I would love to undertake the task of Greek translation!!!!

David Oster, Nov 30, 2010

Thanks David. We’ll take you up on that Greek translation offer too.

David McReynolds, Nov 30, 2010

I just discover Fuel CMS it seems to be fantastic!
im giving a try and im impresssssssssed!

p.s. i would like to collaborate with the spanish translation

Tito J. Morales, Dec 03, 2010

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