Content Editors



Simple Interface

An intuitive design means almost no learning curve for managing your site.

Inline Editing

Edit your page’s data on the actual page and see results immediately.


Create SEO friendly page content in any language you want... even Klingon.

Asset Management

Upload and manage your sites’ images, PDFs, style sheets and javascript.


Toggle from WYSIWYG to an intuitive HTML editing mode and back, depending on your mood.

Open Source

FUEL CMS is open source and on GitHub. Fork it and start contributing today!

CodeIgniter + CMS

We built FUEL CMS as a hybrid on top of CodeIgniter, the popular PHP framework.

Well Documented

Learn your way around quickly with the detailed user guide.

Object Oriented

Access FUEL CMS functionality easily within your own code with the fuel object.

Expanded Code Library

Asset helpers, menu builders, expanded model capabilities and more.

But Wait, There's More


  • Create pages using static view files or the CMS
  • Import static view files directly into the CMS
  • Use Opt-in controller development to create pages without creating additional controllers
  • Insert page variables, conditional statements and looping structures using FUEL’s template engine


  • Easily create forms for layout variables and use them to build pages
  • Code using a simple array structure or by extending one of the base FUEL layout classes


  • Create blocks as static view files or in the CMS
  • Import block view files into the CMS
  • Associate blocks with their own layouts to manage layout variables



  • Generate forms automatically based on table schemas
  • Choose from many built-in customizable field types
  • Expand form capabilities with the custom field type architecture


  • Output a single menu structure as a nested list, breadcrumb or a delimited menu
  • Manage navigation structures statically and import into the CMS when ready
  • Configure various display parameters including CSS and HTML ouput options

Tags & Categories

  • Create many-to-many relationships with your modules using tags
  • Use categories to create hierarchical groupings between modules

User Management

  • Manage user abilities to create, edit, publish and delete CMS content
  • Test user permissions with "Log in as" feature (for administrators)


  • Manage redirects as you would CodeIgniter routes
  • Require HTTPS connections for serving certain pages
  • Set up a preferred domain


  • Set development passwords
  • Restrict access by IP address
  • Lock out users after custom number of failed attempts
  • Native XSS and SQL injection protection
  • Incorporated salted password hashing


  • Create simple and advanced modules
  • Extend FUEL CMS with modules, hooks, dashboards and custom form fields
  • View your latest sales figures or Google Analytics data with custom dashboards

In Other Words...

FuelCMS is amazing, i think we will be able to build the whole backend in a weeks time :)

...thank you very much for your continued support, it is very much appreciated and much much better than in other CMS/software packages! It works flawlessly.

As a long time PHP developer and CodeIgniter enthusiast, I was always a little bit jealous of the functionality that django brought to python developers. In one download, Fuel has given me that. So thank you again!


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