Who should use FUEL CMS?
FUEL CMS was built for developers who like working in the CodeIgniter framework and need a lightweight, highly customizable CMS for their clients that plays nicely with original code. If you are looking for a CMS first, and you are not familiar with CodeIgniter or comfortable writing code, then FUEL may not be a fit. If that's you, here are some other great alternatives:
Where is the installer?
Check the user guide, for installation instructions.
What version of CodeIgniter does FUEL use?
Do I need .htaccess enabled?
No. However, we use .htaccess to prevent access to certain folders and enable mod_rewrite. You can move the fuel folder above the web root.
Do I need the mod_rewrite module for Apache?
No. However, it is the preferred way of using FUEL. The Apache mod_rewrite module is used to remove the index.php front controller from the URI path. You can always change the $config['index_page'] value in the main CodeIgniter configuration to be the index.php page.
Do you support other languages besides english?
FUEL CMS allows localization of the interface. The 1.0 release currently only fully supports English. However, FUEL community members are currently working on several other languages, and you can follow their progress on GitHub. Please if you'd like to contribute.
I've found a bug—now what should I do?
Get a glass and a piece of paper and take the thing outside. No, seriously, please report all bugs via GitHub or the forum.