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User Guide

by Daylight Studio

Access FUEL CMS documentation offline and quickly generate your own module documentation.



by Daylight Studio

Back up your database and asset files, and integrate directly with the Cronjobs module to schedule periodic backups.

Dashboard, Developer


by Daylight Studio

Create and categorize posts, and monitor and answer comments. Includes several SPAM security settings (to help keep the riff-raff out.)

Google Keywords

by Daylight Studio

Test your domain's Google ranking for given keywords.

3rd Party Integration, SEO


by Daylight Studio

Validate your HTML, check for invalid links, and check file size (weight) of your pages.


Page Analysis

by Daylight Studio

Improve your search friendliness by viewing the structure of your pages like the search engines see them.


by Daylight Studio

Create tests and run them in the FUEL admin panel or from the command line terminal.



by Daylight Studio

Schedule periodic tasks like search indexing and database backup.

Campaign Monitor

by Daylight Studio

Display summary statistics for your recent Campaign Monitor email campaigns in FUEL's dashboard.

3rd Party Integration, Dashboard


by Daylight Studio

Sync your assets and database from different remote environments.

Google Analytics

by pierlo-upitup

Displays a Google Analytics site traffic chart in FUEL's dashboard.

3rd Party Integration, Dashboard, SEO


by Daylight Studio

Build forms within the CMS or use your own code and leverage the built-in support for saving entries, emailing entries, attaching files, controlling SPAM, and more.

3rd Party Integration, Developer


by Daylight Studio

Plot points on a customizable Google Map and search by zip code radius.

3rd Party Integration, Developer

Do you want to create your own modules or just want to contribute to the FUEL CMS community?
Set up a GitHub repository with your code and .

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In Other Words...

I keep saying it, but thanks for the responsiveness and great product!

As a long time PHP developer and CodeIgniter enthusiast, I was always a little bit jealous of the functionality that django brought to python developers. In one download, Fuel has given me that. So thank you again!

Thanks for all your great work, I’m loving Fuel!


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